Photographs From My Walks In Port St.Lucie & Vero Beach, FL (Edit and Updated 12-23-2015)
A.H. Wessel - © 2015 < DO NOT Reproduce without written permission>
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!PSL-Atlantis Rising bw !PSL-Bed 7am !PSL-Big Gator 01 !PSL-Big Osprey !PSL-Blue Heron & Ibis
!PSL-Atlantis Rising bw.jpg !PSL-Bed 7am.jpg !PSL-Big Gator 01.jpg !PSL-Big Osprey.jpg !PSL-Blue Heron & Ibis.jpg
!PSL-Branches 01 !PSL-Branches 01sm !PSL-Branches 02sm !PSL-Bush 01 !PSL-Bush 02
!PSL-Branches 01.jpg !PSL-Branches 01sm.jpg !PSL-Branches 02sm.jpg !PSL-Bush 01.jpg !PSL-Bush 02.jpg
!PSL-Buzzard !PSL-CarWash 01x !PSL-ConcreteSlab !PSL-Crow & Trees !PSL-Cypress Branch
!PSL-Buzzard.jpg !PSL-CarWash 01x.jpg !PSL-ConcreteSlab.jpg !PSL-Crow & Trees.jpg !PSL-Cypress Branch.jpg
!PSL-Dead Palm !PSL-Driveway 01 !PSL-Driveway 02 !PSL-Driveway Shrubs !PSL-Fallen Leaves
!PSL-Dead Palm.jpg !PSL-Driveway 01.jpg !PSL-Driveway 02.jpg !PSL-Driveway Shrubs.jpg !PSL-Fallen Leaves.jpg
!PSL-Fish Net 2 !PSL-Flower Sky !PSL-For EGM !PSL-For Earl R.I.P !PSL-For Jamal
!PSL-Fish Net 2.jpg !PSL-Flower Sky.jpg !PSL-For EGM.jpg !PSL-For Earl R.I.P.jpg !PSL-For Jamal.jpg