Photographs From My Walks In Port St.Lucie & Vero Beach, FL (Updated 09-23-2016)
A.H. Wessel - © 2016 < DO NOT Reproduce without written permission>
9/23/2016 ~~~~~~~~~~~~Quote ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Robert Walser: “We don’t need to see anything out of the ordinary. We already see so much.”
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!PSL-Air Plant_gs !PSL-Anghina 02 !PSL-Anghina Drying !PSL-Anole Displaying !PSL-Basilisk Lizard Fem
!PSL-Air Plant_gs.jpg !PSL-Anghina 02.jpg !PSL-Anghina Drying.jpg !PSL-Anole Displaying.jpg !PSL-Basilisk Lizard Fem.jpg
!PSL-Blue 01 !PSL-Blue 02 !PSL-Branch&Clouds !PSL-Branches & Leaves !PSL-Broken Tree
!PSL-Blue 01.jpg !PSL-Blue 02.jpg !PSL-Branch&Clouds.jpg !PSL-Branches & Leaves.jpg !PSL-Broken Tree.jpg
!PSL-Car Cocoon !PSL-Cardinal 01 !PSL-Cat Eats Fish !PSL-Curved Vine !PSL-DT_Palm
!PSL-Car Cocoon .jpg !PSL-Cardinal 01.jpg !PSL-Cat Eats Fish.jpg !PSL-Curved Vine.jpg !PSL-DT_Palm.jpg
!PSL-Dark Spots_sm !PSL-DragonFly 02 !PSL-Drooping Palm !PSL-Dry Leaves 01xx !PSL-Ducks
!PSL-Dark Spots_sm.jpg !PSL-DragonFly 02.jpg !PSL-Drooping Palm.jpg !PSL-Dry Leaves 01xx.jpg !PSL-Ducks.jpg
!PSL-Entry !PSL-Equinox 09-22-16 !PSL-Equinox 09-22-16b !PSL-Fence&Walls !PSL-For Bonnard
!PSL-Entry.jpg !PSL-Equinox 09-22-16.jpg !PSL-Equinox 09-22-16b.jpg !PSL-Fence&Walls.jpg !PSL-For Bonnard.jpg